Bøkenes hamskifte
Theodor Barth, Steffen Kørner, Martin Lundell, Oddvar Thorsen

Bøkenes hamskifte explores the books of the Deichman Library in their transition into a new and modern library building; as they shed their skin.

As a contribution to the discussion on the role of the books in future libraries Theodor Barth (KhiO), Martin Lundell (KhiO) and Oddvar Thorsen (Oslo Public Library) reflects in writings as the reader is guided through the library through Steffen Kørner's photographic essay.

Publisher: Oslo National Academy of the Arts
Text: Theodor Barth, Martin Lundell, Oddvar Thorsen
Editor: Ellef Prestsæter
Design: Martin Lundell and Steffen Kørner
Photography: Steffen Kørner
Print: Göteborgstryckeriet 
Dimensions: 160 mm x 230 mm
Year: 2017
Awards: Gold and silver in Årets vakreste bøker 2017